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Name:  Sam aka SamsDisneyDiary (@SamsDisneyDiary)

About Me:

Husband, Father of 3 (elementary School, Middle School and College, all at the same time), D23 Member, DVC Member (Boardwalk), Annual Pass Holder, Always “Tables in Wonderland” never a “Dining plan” and over around Disney Nerd.

I first visited Walt Disney World back in 1986. I was a wide eyed teenager that just wanted to leave EPCOT Center, after riding the Future World attractions: World of Motion, Horizons, the Living Seas, Living with the Land, and the original Imagination – Still fresh in my memory.  In 1986, getting back to the Magic Kingdom was my main focus.  Looking back at the few pictures from that trip, I realize just how lucky I was to have experienced the Magic Kingdom on its 15th Birthday and EPCOT Center at only 4 years old.  I also realize that it had a lasting impact on me and my personal & professional life.

Sam from SamsDisneyDiary (4)Today I see Walt Disney World and Disney parks as the one location where my entire family can find something to smile about.  The few pictures from my original trip have turned into thousands, all loaded with family memories.  No matter the age (Pre-School to Teen), no matter who is with us (Friends, Family or Fellow Nerds), you can always find an adventure.

I find myself sharing those adventures with just about anyone that would ask.  That passion led me to create SamsDisneyDiary.  Originally just a way to share my Disney Stories via a video series and blog.  It also led me to be a guest on The Disney Nerds Podcast in Episode #21, and I guess you can say the rest is History…  Thanks you Jimmy and Ed.

You can find me on Twitter @SamsDisneyDiary, YouTube, FacebookInstagram and I check e-mail once in a while at too!

How I Became a Disney Nerd:

No Way Jose!!!  If you don't know what that is... you are missing the BEST ice cream at Walt Disney World!!
No Way Jose!!! If you don’t know what that is… you are missing the BEST ice cream at Walt Disney World!!

 My passion for Disney started with the “Wonderful World of Disney” in the mid to late 70’s then “Disney’s Wonderful World”.  Walt still introduced many of the shows, some even re-runs I’m sure, but to me I was watching Uncle Walt.  Take that background as a youngster and add a trip to Walt Disney World as a teenager.  That was more than “one little spark”.  My passion was born.

I think Walt summarized the heart of that passion best!

“Why do we have to grow up? I know more adults who have the children’s approach to life. They’re people who don’t give a hang what the Joneses do. You see them at Disneyland every time you go there. They are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures”

To this day, walking into any Disney Park is stepping out of reality and into a place where I don’t have to grow up!

Favorite Disney Memory:

Capturing the Magic
Capturing the Magic

There are so many memories it’s impossible for me to pick just one; after all, I devoted a Blog to capturing as many as I could.  That said, I can narrow it down to an experience, one that I have been lucky enough to witness multiple times.

It’s the first trip into the Magic Kingdom with a spouse, a child, a friend or any member of your family.   After you enter the turn stiles, go around Town Square and get the “Cinderella Castle Reveal” for the first time.  That first impression is priceless.  I have been blessed to re-live that experience with each of my 3 children and other friends and family on their first visit.

Favorite Park:

As much as I wanted to leave EPCOT Center in 1986, Epcot is my go to park!

Favorite Attraction:

Star Wars Weekend... a Must do for me!
Star Wars Weekend… a Must do for me!

Favorite attractions come and go, and with the rate of change in the Disney Parks I’m sure my favorite changes often.  My favorite is the attraction I can live through the eyes of my children.  So today it’s “It’s a Small World”, for my youngest, “Rock-n-Roller Coaster” for my older two “Expedition Everest” for my wife and the simple pleasure of the Walt Disney Railroad for me.

Favorite Resort:

Epcot Resort Area.  There’s something special about walking to Epcot (International Gateway) and catching a boat to Hollywood Studios.

Favorite Restaurant:

Dinner in World Showcase, after spending the day at the pool of an Epcot Resort.  Your pick in Italy, I prefer Tutto Italia, but have no problem with Via Napoli, or just about any other World Showcase location.

Mickey and Goofy..
Mickey and Goofy..

Favorite Character:

It all started with a mouse, but I have been considered Goofy by my family for years.

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