The Disney Nerds Podcast – Show #47: Disney in Detail – Illuminations

Show # 47, The First Nerds Meet will be at Epcots Food and Wine Festival. The meet will be Friday and Saturday October 3rd & 4th. Including an illuminations meet and Scavenger hunt with great prizes and giveaways. All four of the co-hosts, (Ed, Jimmy, Sam & Jen) will be attending. In anticipation of the meet this weeks “Disney in Detail” focuses on Epcots Evening Spectacular “Illuminations”. Do you know the real story behind Illuminations? Listen to this episode and get the details on this three part play the centers around the evolution of Earth and mankind. Thanks for listening!

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Disney in Details
The Disney Nerds Podcast Show #47

Show Notes:

SamsDisneyDiay Epcot 30 and Illuminations Blog

The Walter Cronkite Holiday Tag was removed in 2014 – You can hear the original holiday tag in this episode at 16:14.

SamsDisneyDiary Video #30 – Epcot 30 and Illuminations

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Sam has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1986. The spark from those early trips lead to an interest in the "How" and "Why" behind Disney Parks and Resorts and the thrill of discovering the history of how we got here today. That History is still being written. In addition to participating on The Disney Nerds Podcast you can find blogs at

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