Video #8: Karamell-Kuche

An Epcot World Showcase Hidden Gem…

However you say it, Caramel or Carmel, at Epcots Germany all you need to know is Karamell-Kuche (caramel kitchen).  Opened in late 2010 – If you can dip it, drizzle it or wrap it in caramel, you’ll find it at this unique bakery near the front of Germany.  As soon as you walk inside, your senses will be overwhelmed.  Glass counters display all of the unique offerings while the bakery is filled with the smells of everything caramel!   What’s better?  How about a free sample of Caramel Corn after witnessing the entire process:  from corn kernel, to butter, sugar and caramel, make sure to get a free sample of caramel popcorn is on your list the next time you stroll past Epcots Germany.


The Disney Nerds Podcast Video #8

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