Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Which Way Does the Scale Tip?

This article has been written by John Capos

I live in Florida and mainly go to WDW.  For the most part I think the planners at Disney do a great job.  However once in a while as I read and see stories from California, I can’t help but see a little bit of a disparity.

I ask myself the question, does Disney favor one site over the other, is Disneyland or Walt Disney World more the focus and preferred by the company? One good indicator is the number and extent of investments made in the attractions, celebrations, and sights most visible to guests.

First and foremost may be the anniversary celebrations and though it is not a 50th, it was the 60th for Disneyland and 40th for Disney World, both decade markers. While the Orlando location just saw a character cavalcade that walked up Main Street USA on the morning of October 1st 2011 , the 60th anniversary hoopla on the west coast that is currently taking place is a much more abundant and extensive touch from the Disney Brass. The Paint the Night Parade and Disneyland Forever Fireworks are breath taking experiences that have to been seen to be believed.

EAR030303LARGEGetting right down to the nitty gritty, Disneyland saw additions/upgrades/enhancements of Hyperspace Mountain, Haunted Mansion Holiday Overlay, Big Thunder Mountain, and the immersive Cars Land and Buena Vista Street in California. While Sunny Florida welcomed New Fantasyland.  Let’s be honest, after riding Seven Dwarfs once or twice, the only immersive part in New Fantasyland is the Tangled bathroom and rest area. Seems more pixy dust was disbursed at Disneyland.

Another comparison to support this view, Glow With The Show ears were a big deal on the west coast and freely distributed at World of Color on many occasions. While I saw minimal marketing and push at Walt Disney World for Wishes and Fantasmic. Hey Disney, how about spreading your favor a little more on the East Coast Parks.

And with one more very recent point to the theory I propose is 60th Disneyland show that was on TV this past February.  It was a great show, from the opening dancing to the Star Wars announcements, to the new movies and the great live music it was a pretty fun show.  The shining moment was Dick Van Dyke’s return to the stage to kick it up a bit in ‘Step in Time’.  However, back to the topic of it seems Disneyland gets a yearlong celebration for every year that sounds good, while WDW seems to get hung up on the major ones as in 25th.  Hopefully we’ll see if there is a 50th TV special in 2021, but it seems so far away.

John is a resident of Fl. and an avid WDW fan.  He has appeared on various podcasts and webcasts in the Disney Community as well as being an exclusive Johnny on the Spot for the Disney Nerds Podcast.

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Hello all! I have been going to WDW since 1976 and can't count the number of trips along with some cruises. I love all things Disney, from the parks to the studios to the history of what made the Walt Disney Company what it is...Walt himself.

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