Those Disney Nerds who are concerned that Muppetvision 3D will become another closure in the wave closures occurring at Hollywood Studios, they can put those concerns to rest.  The area around Muppetvision 3D and Mama Melrose, according to a report from WDW Magic, will be called Muppets Courtyard.  In my opinion, Disney would not go through the process of renaming an area of the park if they were going to close the centerpiece attraction for the newly named area.  Muppetvision 3D is a key part of the current Hollywood Studios until the new Star Wars Land and expanded Pixar Place open.  The Muppetvision 3D theater has a capacity of around 600 people per showing with a showing roughly every 15 minutes.  So, the attraction has the ability to absorb a lot guests.


muppetvision 3d

In fact, the area will have an even greater Muppets presence.  According to the report, the recently closed Pizza Planet restaurant will be getting a new Muppets theme and facelift.  It is not known at this time whether the new restaurant will be a quick service or table service location.  My guess is that the new restaurant will be a quick service location given the presence of Mama Melrose in the newly created area.  Hopefully, the new restaurant will have a menu filled with all the wit and “pun”ditry that we expect from The Muppets.

WDW Magic article


photo credit: A star til the end…even while leaking (Muppet Vision, Disney Studios) via photopin (license)