Passing the Time Between Trips

There is an unfortunate reality that all Disney trips must come to an end. I must admit I love Disney but sometimes I get excited about sleeping in my own bed. If I could take my bed to the French Quarter, I would never leave. 

  1. Staying up to date on the updates and refurbishments at Disney

It’s no secret that Disney is going through some major transformations. The new Avatar

DNP April 2016 Photo Report: Hollywood Studios - Concept Art on Construction walls at the dead end past Toy Story mania

section and night time show at Animal Kingdom; the ever controversial closing of Maelstrom at the Norway pavilion to build the new Frozen ride; the introduction of a Toy Story and Star Wars lands in Hollywood Studios; the total revamping of Downtown Disney to the new Disney Springs. There is so much change happening and I find it important to keep up to date with them especially considering the next way to pass the time.

  1. Helping someone else plan a trip

Nothing makes me feel closer to my next trip than helping someone with his or her next

Once Upon a Time Travel

trip. What resort do I recommend? What about fast passes? When is the best time to go? Do I do the specialty parties or not? And my favorite, what about food, where is the best place to eat? I really love giving advice and then getting the picture from friends while they are down there saying how thrilled they are with their experience. Maybe some day I will actual become a travel agent. In the mean time, I just rely upon my fellow Nerd Jimmy at Once Upon a Time Travel to book my trips.

  1. Listening to Disney music

My favorite “go to” music is always Sorcerer Radio and recently D Park Radio. I love hearing music from the parks, the resorts, and ride audio. They will also throw in seasonal music music as well. My love listening to the top 10 requests every Sunday morning on Sorcerer while making breakfast for the family. That is when I hear some of the best music and have the opportunity to drive my family crazy with my signature “quick tell me what ride this is from?”  Music does something to the memory. It can place you in a certain time in your life and for me this channel makes me feel like I’m in Disney even if I am still physically in Massachusetts.

  1. Listening to the Disney Podcasts

I like listening to other perspectives on Disney parks. There are quite a few out podcasts to say the least. Of course, The Disney Nerds Podcast is my favorite. I like listening to Ed, Jimmy, Sam, and Jen discuss park news, recent trips, new release movies and specials, and other random topics. Their insight, knowledge, opinions, and banter between each other are extremely entertaining. The Nerds also have some annual traditions including park meets and my personal favorite…. the march madness brackets. It’s comforting to know that there are other people out there with the same passions. It is a very warm and welcoming community and as they say… They’ll help you get your Disney fix!!

  1. Building my collection of Disney puzzles

I am a collector of Disney puzzles. I have done almost all of the Thomas Kinkade Disney Collection and in between those I work on some that I have picked up during my recent trips to Disney. After putting them together, I take the time to glue and frame them. The puzzles have become great conversation pieces that hang around my house. Although I don’t think it is any secret that I am a Disney Nerd, I think people truly get the point when they walk into into my house and see one of my projects hanging on the wall.

Disney Nerds Blog Puzzle combo

What do you do to pass the time between trips?? Share your coping mechanisms with us.

Thanks for reading and have a magical day!!!


I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse. – Walt Disney

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Lisa D'Acci

Lisa’s first visited Disney World in 1985 but her true passion didn’t start until the late 90’s and early 00’s. After over 30 trips to Walt Disney World, her passion has not faded, in fact it has grown exponentially throughout the years. She shares that passion in her blog posts here at The Disney Nerds Podcast, The Disney Nerds Podcast Live Show (Tuesday Nights at 9pm EST),on the podcast itself, and to anyone who is willing to listen to her talk about the most magical place on Earth.

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