Esmeralda’s Prophecies on Disneyland’s Main Street

I was in Disneyland this past summer with the boy and had such a great time.  After the rides, the attractions and watching parades and fireworks one of the things we did that really stood out was finding Esmeralda and getting our Prophecy given to us.


Ever since seeing the Tom Hanks movie Big so long ago, it seems that, that was the last time I saw a fortune telling machine like the Zoltar machine in the movie.  So it was really cool when we were walking down Main St. in Disneyland and as we came up to the Penny arcade we saw Esmeralda.

This was an awesome surprise can could not wait to pull out the m&m container with the Penny Press stash of quarters and threw a couple down.  We actually used a lot of our penny press quarters and pennies in the arcade.  There were plenty of turn of the century nickelodeons and games of skill and chance.  All for either a quarter, nickel or a penny.  A really nice detour while in the park.

Back to Esmeralda, she’s been waiting patiently.  It was 25 cents a turn and Quinn went first.  Lights blinked and she moved her hand a little bit and then the best thing ever, a Prophecy card drops out with a Prophecy just for you.  And some lucky numbers.  I went next and the same for me.  My own personal Prophecy.




As we read the sayings on each card we both decided that that it was phrased in a way that it could actually come true that day.  And in fact it did.  We of course being in Disneyland “Let our imagination soar” as in Space Mountain and many other great rides.  We also had our brush with Royalty.  Tianna was walking in Frontierland, going somewhere and we let her get by.  She thanked two, “very polite gentlemen” for letting her pass.  So Esmeralda DOES see all…  One other quick note on the card.  The front of the cards graphic is off just a little bit as it gets cut off at the top, but since the backs look fine, it looks like the printing synch was a little off, oops.

Next time your in Disneyland, stop by and introduce yourself to Esmeralda.  You know you’re gonna be walking past anyway.

Ed Mazzilli,  Disney Nerds Podcast Co-host  and  The Maz Disney Blog

Ed Mazzilli

Hello all! I have been going to WDW since 1976 and can't count the number of trips along with some cruises. I love all things Disney, from the parks to the studios to the history of what made the Walt Disney Company what it is...Walt himself.

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