Beyond the Wisdom of Walt – A Nerds’ Book Review

Jeff Barnes author of Beyond the Wisdom of Walt - A Nerds' Book Review
Jeff Barnes author of Beyond the Wisdom of Walt – A Nerds’ Book Review

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt

One of the things that makes me a Nerd is that I am a reader. When in high school, I was voted most likely to be hidden behind a book and as an adult I read on average 60 books a year. As a reader, I get on a kick with certain subjects and authors, and over the past few years have been really diving into all things Disney.

A Nerds’ Book Review

When it comes to the subject of reading about Disney, there are so many options: Biographies, auto-biographies, new versions of old fairy tales, and even self-help. Yes, there is self-help for Disney!

I recently had a chance to read one such self-help type book, and after finishing it, I am almost ready to pick it up and read it again!

The Wisdom of Walt - Strategies for Success is a recommended book by The Disney Nerds Podcast. - The Disney Nerds Podcast
The Wisdom of Walt – Strategies for Success

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt is the second book written by author and professor, Jeffrey Barnes. His first book, The Wisdom of Walt, was released in 2015 and was a great read. I finished that book with a new surge of motivation and set out to tackle some of my dreams.

What happens though to us all as we set down the path of our dreams is that reality has a way of setting in. It didn’t take long for all the good energy I received from reading The Wisdom of Walt had dwindled and so it was perfect timing to receive a promotional copy of Beyond the Wisdom of Walt to read for a review.

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt picks up where The Wisdom of Walt left off, but just as Disney is known to ‘plus’ something, Jeff has plussed this book, too! There are times when you expect something to not be as good as its predecessor, especially when it is a sequel. This is one of those times when your expectations would be wrong. Beyond the Wisdom of Walt may be even better than the first book!

The Wisdom of Walt takes us to Disneyland. Beyond the Wisdom of Walt moved past Disneyland in California to include my home park, Walt Disney World in Florida. I was super excited to read all the different tidbits, especially about Epcot, one of my favorite parks, but also because I was getting ready to celebrate Epcot’s 35th anniversary.

So much of this book spoke to me, and my family heard me exclaiming loudly through parts that really got me. I laughed and I cried (but only just a little). The motivation and determination Jeff put into these pages spills out onto the reader and you cannot put it down without feeling better about your dreams and goals and how you are getting there.

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt takes us beyond Disneyland and out into the World to help us live our dreams! - A Recommended book by The Disney Nerds Podcast
Beyond the Wisdom of Walt takes us beyond Disneyland and out into the World to help us live our dreams!

TIP: I read this book on my Kindle. Because Jeff has included places to jot down thoughts and notes, I advise getting a hard copy. I love to underline or highlight segments that speak out to me, and have even been known to write in the margins when something I read connects to thoughts in my head that I want to remember. Because of this, I have ordered myself a traditional copy of the book, and you can get yours HERE, too.

If you need help realizing your dreams and putting them into action, read this. If you need a pick-me-up, read this. If you just love Disney, read this! This book was fantastic! I can see myself re-reading it again and again; using it for motivation and pick-me-ups when my dreams get muddled and I lose my way.

Be sure to check out Jeff’s newest book, and if you missed the first one, he has a great offer for both books, personally autographed that you can grab over on his site today!

Check out the great video we’ve posted below with Jeff and listen to his strategies to success and how to be the hero in your own story and be sure to stay tuned for when Jeff comes onto the podcast as a guest. You can live your dreams, and with wisdom from Walt, and Jeff, you can start now!

Thanks for joining me today, and remember,

Just keep swimming! 


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