Thor: Ragnarok is a Ragna-Rocking Good Time

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Thor is Back and He is Bringing the Thunder

It’s just about fact that whatever comes out of Marvel Studios is gold and Thor: Ragnarok is poised to be no different. It’s a non – stop, colorfully cosmic, thrill ride from start to finish that is sure to leave the audience wanting more. Similar to the styling’s of Marvel’s other little space flick, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ragnarok offers fall out of your seat laughter, mind blowing effects, explosive action scenes, and some pretty rocking tunes. But don’t let those similarities get you down; Thor: Ragnarok is in a league of its own. Director Tiaka Waititi’s quirky style and natural humor delivers a breath of fresh air to the God of Thunder’s struggling franchise. It seamlessly ties in both comic lore and classical Norse mythology into an action packed movie that takes Marvel to the next level.

Thor Ragnarok - A Disney Nerds Movie Review
Thor Ragnarok is a rockin good time!

Waititi and the screenwriters do an amazing job blending in other elements of the Marvel Universe without overloading the plot or the main characters. Doctor Strange’s cameo is short and to the point; helping to deepen the MCU and add to the growing anticipation of Infinity Wars. But it is done so without diminishing Ragnarok’s storyline. You never once forget that you are watching a Thor film and not another Avengers movie.

Waititi’s Humor is a Welcomed Change to the Superhero Grind

The humor of the film is absolutely wonderful. It is a clear breakaway from the Shakespearean theme the past two films had and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The whole tone of the movie is set up during the opening sequence and follows through to the very end without faltering. Waititi’s unique style proves that a superhero movie doesn’t have to be dark or serious to be a great superhero movie. He proves that superhero movies can be funny without losing any of the gravity it attempts to portray.

The All – Star Cast Leaves You Wanting More

But the best part of Ragnarok? The God of Thunder himself, Mr. Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth shines as Thor, showing off his great comedic chops and bringing a realness and maturity to Thor that has yet to be seen in his past stand – a – lone films. His growth from a reckless boy to the King he is destined to become is evident and an absolute joy to watch. His language is looser and his jokes are sharp and witty, showing the audience a new  side to the Asgardian Prince.

And speaking of character development, Tom Hiddleston’s character, Loki sure has his moments. There is no doubt that Loki is still the God of Mischief but the few seconds of insecurity woven throughout the film, is a refreshing change from the constant backstabbing and evil scheming he is known for.

Adding to this all star cast is none other than Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/ Hulk. His appearance is a great addition to the eye popping action and brilliantly choreographed fight scenes. It’s also a treat to actually get to know Ruffalo’s Hulk. While it is just a small role in the grand scheme of things, the little glimpses of who Banner is and his relationship with the giant rage monster he occasionally turns into is a great starting point if Marvel ever wanted to try again and give Hulk the stand – a – lone he deserves.

Other notable mentions are Tessa Thompson’s break out role as a disenfranchised Asgardian Valkyrie warrior living her life as a scavenger on the trash planet of Sakaar. And or course there is Sakaar’s leader, the eccentric Grandmaster played by the legendary Jeff Goldblum.  But let’s not forget about Cate Blanchett as Hela. From the moment she comes on the screen, she commands your attention. She is down right awesome.

Thor: Ragnarok is Hands Down One of Marvel’s Best

There are dozens of other little things that make this movie just about perfect. Taika Waititi voicing the rock warrior Korg for instance. It’s not a big role or really all that important to the plot but it is such a neat little addition. It serves to only makes this film stronger. The music is killer. Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” running throughout makes an awesome theme for the God of Thunder. And having “Pure Imagination” playing in the background while Thor meets the Grandmaster is absolute genius.

My only wish for this movie is to see more of the original characters like Idris Elba as Heimdall and Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif (who was completely absent in the film, due to other filming obligations). But other than that, it’s hard to find a flaw in this incredible installment.  For parents, I would heed the PG-13 warnings and leave the little kids at home. But start to finish, Thor: Ragnarok is an outstanding movie.

From surprise cameos to Mr. Waititi’s exuberant directing style, Thor: Ragnarok is a crazy mix of multi colored explosions and perfectly executed character moments that adds a new and welcomed spin on the ever growing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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