A Couple Disney Nerds Giving Thanks…

ThanksThanksgiving is the time of year, by it’s very name, to give thanks.  Jimmy and I reflect on the Disney Nerds Podcast and where it has traveled over the last 4 years and have a whole lot of thanks to go around.

We of course thank our Families for putting up with our Disney Obsession.  With putting up with the nights of endless one-sided conversations (Due to headphones) and recordings emanating from our office/recording studios.  With the putting up with us furiously texting away over getting rid of a dirty post on the Facebook page. Or, fixing a podcast post that had no podcast.  Without their help and backing we would have not even gotten off the ground.

The next THANKS goes out to the crew we’ve gathered as we’ve moved forward with the Podcast.  From the Facebook pages, the Blog, the Live show, the podcast, and the upcoming Radio Station.  Without the help of Farrah, Tom, Sam, Jen, Charlotte, Sofee, Stacey, Lisa, Joe, Terri, Nancy, Morgan and John.  These ladies and gentlemen(heh) do so much for us. From the bottom of both our hearts, THANK you for all you have done.  For what you continue to do.  And for all that you will do.  THANKS!!!

And one final THANKS to the Listeners and Supporters of the Disney Nerds.  To the true Disney Nerd who’d rather listen to Disney Commentary rather than music while at work or in the car.  THANKS to you guys and gals who email us, message us and come out and meet-up with usand help keep our Facebook pages the best on the Net!  We say it a lot and even though we’re Nerdy enough to make the  show for just us, we truly do make it for you.  This year’s Meet-ups were amazing and the promise of what we want to do next year, with your help, is a little mind-blowing and I can’t wait.

So for Jimmy, this is Ed and we both give thanks.  We realize just how lucky we are…because of you.  Thank You All!  So, continue on, enjoy that meal and the many left-overs and think about how many great things you can be Thankful for this year.  Okay, I’m done, go watch the parade!



Ed Mazzilli

Hello all! I have been going to WDW since 1976 and can’t count the number of trips along with some cruises. I love all things Disney, from the parks to the studios to the history of what made the Walt Disney Company what it is…Walt himself.

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  • November 27, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Such a great team atmosphere!!! Thank you for a great Podcast!!!!


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