2017 Year in Review: The Disney Nerds Podcast

Hello Disney Nerds!!!!
As we depart 2017 and head on into 2018 we take this time to reflect on all that happened with The Disney Nerds Podcast this past year. And what are year it was! So many new members, so many new followers, so many new listeners, and with a new live show a whole lot of new viewers.

The Disney Nerds Podcast

We can’t help but start with the base of our operation here: the podcast. Of course, we had our favorites shows; wheel of attractions, sounds from the park, interviews, ImagineNerding, and more. We also completed our 200th podcast episode in 2017 bringing together all of our cohost sharing their favorite episodes.

However, our top three podcasts in 2017 (as downloaded by you) were:
Episode #199 Wheel of Attractions
Episode #177 See it Fix it
Episode #171 Disney in Detail: Soarin

This year we reached and exceeded 20,000 members. Managing a group of over with that many members does not come easily and our admins/moderators help keep everything in order. Jimmy, Ed, Sam, Charlotte, Joe, and Stacey are amazing and work tirelessly to make DISNEY NERDS a great place to discuss all things Disney. Huge recognition to Steve for the cover photos as they are always beautiful and breathtaking.


The Disney Nerds Podcast Facebook Page
Another major accomplishment for the Disney Nerds in 2017 was reaching and exceeding 10,000 page likes/followers. We are proud to bring you live shows, live streams, videos, podcasts, and blog posts directly to our social media sites. The Page is where all this content lands.



The Disney Nerds Podcast Website

The hub of the Nerds is located on our recently renovated website. Thank you to Sam for his dedication to the roll out of the new site and Ed’s work to create the layout.  As a result, we now have an amazing interactive website that is visually beautiful and user friendly. Here you will find podcasts, blogs, videos, photo reports, travel deals, and more.

The Disney Nerds LIVE
Back in April we started a new interactive way of reaching our Disney friends. The Disney Nerds Live Show takes place every Tuesday Night at 9pm and since April it has given us an opportunity to interact with you, bring you to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and bring you guests including our sponsors and other bloggers and podcast hosts who share in our love for Disney. As compared to our other media venues, the live show is in its infancy. We look forward to using this new technology to bring us all closer together.


We are fully aware that our love and passion for all things Disney is amplified when we get to meet up with you in the parks. From random chance meetings to our organized events, we love taking the time to chat with you. This year was no different. Many chance encounters and, of course, our annual Disney Nerds Podcast Meet – Up were highlights of our year. Thank you to all who joined us and made our Sampleathon and Scavenger Hunt extra magical. We truly appreciate every one of you.

Thank you for reading and have a magical day!!

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Lisa D'Acci

Lisa's first visited Disney World in 1985 but her true passion didn't start until the late 90's and early 00's. After over 30 trips to Walt Disney World, her passion has not faded, in fact it has grown exponentially throughout the years. She shares that passion in her blog posts here at The Disney Nerds Podcast, The Disney Nerds Podcast Live Show (Tuesday Nights at 9pm EST),on the podcast itself, and to anyone who is willing to listen to her talk about the most magical place on Earth.

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