Show #220: Animator Thomas Estrada

Join us this week for a conversation with Disney Artist and Animator Thomas Estrada.   Jimmy and Lisa had the opportunity to host Thomas for a very special conversation, and you can listen in , this week on The Disney Nerds Podcast.

Here is some background directly from Thomas.

“Since 1997 I’ve had the amazing pleasure of working in the animation industry on feature films and video games (The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Sinbad, Over the Hedge, God of War II, Gears of War II, Uncharted, Disney Infinity)

In September 2017 with the desire to spend more time with family I made the exciting and terrifying decision to become a freelance artist full time. Being able to do custom commissions, travel the country doing comic conventions and meeting new people through various art events has been an awesome experience.  

I am so grateful to all the support I have received going all the way back to ’97 and continuing forward. I am quite literally living the dream.”

Join us as we hear some of the steps Thomas took to reach his Dream.  Enjoy and Thanks for Listening!


The Disney Nerds Podcast Show #220: An interview with Disney Animator Thomas Estrada
The Disney Nerds Podcast Show #220: An interview with Disney Animator Thomas Estrada

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