Changes to Value Resort Food Courts at Walt Disney World

One of the best things about staying at one the value resorts at Walt Disney World is the food court in my opinion. I love having the food court as an option whenever I’m at the value resorts. I love the value resorts food courtselection and variety and it’s a major perk of the value resorts. Unfortunately, it looks like there are some changes coming to the value resort food courts but I’m not sure if they’re for the best.

Our fellow Disney Nerd, Joe, and his family were staying at All-Star Music Resort a couple of weeks ago and were disappointed in the changes to the food court. He explained that there is no longer anyone behind the counters at each section of the food court. There were menus overhead but no one there to place your food order. Instead, there is a sign explaining how to pre-order your food. The signs explain that you should grab your beverages and sides from the market and bakery areas, which is still as we are all familiar with, and then go to the register and place your order. Once your order is placed, the cashier will give you a pager and once the pager goes off you will go to the pick-up window and get your meal. This seems like a simple task and it’s something that I’m sure off of us have done at different dining establishments over time but I think several people are confused and unhappy with the reasoning behind this change. Cast members state that this new arrangement of the food court was done around October last year and it was designed to reduce lines. I’m not sure how it reduces the lines because it seems to have just created long lines at the register. Guests are now asked to stand in line at the register to order and pay for their meal and then wait for their food to be ready. It seemed like there’s more waiting involved for the guest. The food court always seemed like a quick process to me when I got food there and now it’s not.

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In addition to the new way of ordering your food at the food court it also looks like they’ve taken away the option to make substitutions. This is the part that surprises me the most. One aspect of Disney dining no matter where you were dining at was to the ability to be able to substitute items. With all the different taste pallets, dietary needs, and personal food preferences that Disney has to try and accommodate I think not having the option of making substitutions seems odd. For example, if you order a burger and it comes with fries you can no longer order a different side or if you want a steak medium rare you can no longer choose your preference. I’m sure this helps the chefs in the back preparing food but for those who want or need the flexibility for substitutions, this is not a benefit. It seems like the only type of substitutions were bacon or sausage with your kid’s breakfast platter or breadsticks or salad with your pizza. Now I’m sure there is an exception to this rule for someone with food allergies but as someone who likes being able to ask for no French fries and maybe get a vegetable or fruit instead, I’m not a fan of this new aspect.

The rumor floating around the change with the food court says that it is still in testing but it is here to stay. Personally, I hope it is not here to stay but if it is I hope they make some major adjustments.

So tell us what you think! Have you tried the new version of the food courts? Are you a fan? What do you like or what do you not like? We’d love to hear your opinion.

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One thought on “Changes to Value Resort Food Courts at Walt Disney World

  • February 13, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Have not experienced it yet. I liked the food courts the way they were, but I guess we will just have to get used to the new system. The only thing “certain” about Disney these days is “change”! LOL!


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