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Meet Ed

My name is Ed and although I’ve been listening to podcasts for years, this is actually my second attempt at Podcasting.  The first was the We’re Going to WDW Podcast I did with the kids and now The Disney Nerds. I’ve got two great teenagers and an awesome wife.  I live outside Philly and have a really fun job in education.  I am Mr. M. The Computer Teacher and Tech Aide at our Elementary school.  I love to bowl, go watch any Philly sports, but root for NY.  Geocaching, travel and I’m a big reader.  And…I’m a Disney Nerd and much more.

How I Became a Disney Nerd:

My Disney Nerdyness started way back when, as kids, we watched the Wonderful World of Color show every Sunday night.  I loved how one week we were in Disneyland and the next we were watching penguins and then the next had Walt talking to Tinkerbelle and then we got a little animated Peter Pan.  As we watched the show into the 70’s, they always finished the intro with those lucky kids sliding down the slide at the Polynesian pool.  Well, in 1976, we were those lucky kids.  Our first trip was during the Bicentennial, we stayed at the poly and it was really fun.  But above all, was a great feeling, that Walt and the show had not lied to us and going to WDW was as great as it looked on TV.

Favorite Park:

Without a question, my favorite park of the parks I’ve been to, which is only WDW, is the Magic Kingdom.  So many varied kinds of experiences that can easily be done again and again.  And figuring out that each ride has a different mood based on time of day or time of year or even the weather, makes going back again and again so easy.  Addendum(9/3/17) Well I’ve been lucky enough to get to Disneyland and I gotta say both the MAgic Kingdoms are pretty close in my eyes, for different reason, but still close.

Favorite Attraction:

The ride I would consider my favorite is Pirates.  As an 11-year-old, that was one very immersive experience.  Up until then, Treasure Island was one of my favorite movies and I was ready to meet some pirates.  And of course seeing the pirates from Disneyland on the TV show had us prepped.  Over the years it has still remained my favorite.

Favorite Resort:

My favorite resort is unfortunately not the one I stay at the most.  We have, more than anywhere else, stayed at the Pop Century Resort, but I love the Polynesian Village.  The location and the atmosphere are really incredible and with the new DVC really cool.

Favorite Restaurant:

My favorite Restaurant at WDW is a two-fold question.  Whenever I hear this kind of question I always answer with a Table Service and a Counter Service.  Not to be a homer to a favorite resort, but Kona Café is probably my favorite Table Service.  For Counter Service, I really like Sunshine Seasons with Flametree BBQ a close second.  And while we’re on the subject of food, my favorite snack is the Waffle with Nutella and berries over at the Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom.

Favorite Character:

Meet EdAs for a favorite character, it’s always been, Pluto.  From a very young age, I liked him and always will.  I met him for the first time on that trip in ’76.  For a non-park character, I’d say probably anyone Star Wars or Marvel.

Favorite Movie:

And as for a favorite movie, there really is not one favorite.  I loved the original Herbies and The Swiss Family Robinson.  And Tarzan sticks out as it was the first movie I took my first child to.


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