Meet Morgan

About Me:

Hi y’all, I’m Morgan and it’s time to introduce myself! I grew up and live currently in Charlotte, NC and spend my working hours in Customer Service. In my non-working hours you can usually find me behind my camera lens, behind a book, or behind the wheel because I love photography, reading, and road trips in addition to being a big fan of music and movies. I also love spending time with family, friends, and my cat Belle.

I’ve always had a love for writing and photography even from a young age so to be able to combine that with my love of Disney and be a member of the Disney Nerds is a perfect fit for me! In addition to my work here at the Disney Nerds Podcast, Blog, and social media pages you can also find my photography at Dreamfinder Photography (on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too). I’m also a member of D23 and Tables in Wonderland, a Disney College Program Alumni, and I’ve been a Walt Disney World Annual Pass holder for years. I’ve taken at least one trip a year to Walt Disney World (when I wasn’t living in Orlando) for almost the last decade so you never know when you might see me in the parks.

How I Became a Disney Nerd:

I think there is a part of me that was born a Disney Nerd! I don’t remember a time that Disney wasn’t a part of my life and I’ve visited Walt Disney World more than even my local amusement parks. My grandparents used to take my cousins and me to Walt Disney World every summer when we were younger. In fact, I can’t even remember my first trip to Walt Disney World because that’s how young my “nerdhood” began! I grew up on the classic Disney full length movies of the 80s and 90s and as I got older I got into reading about the Disney history, trivia, secrets, and more. Like any true Disney Nerd, once I get talking about Disney it’s hard for me to stop.

Favorite Disney Memory:

I don’t have one single favorite Disney memory. For me, it’s two separate times of my life where Disney shaped my life. The first would be those childhood trips every summer to Walt Disney World. I remember standing in line with my autograph book to meet my favorite Disney characters, character breakfasts with Mickey and Minnie in their fabulous spacesuit costumes they would wear at Epcot in the 80s, riding rides like Dumbo with my cousins, and just enjoying being a kid. Those trips are some of my favorite childhood memories. My second set of favorite Disney memories is in 2010 when I was a part of the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. Being a cast member helps give you a better understanding of the magic that is Disney and a respect for all the work that goes on behind the scenes. I grew a lot as a person during that time and met amazing people who I’ve created lifelong friendships with who I call my Ohana because our bond is stronger than friendship. I cherish the memories of walking around the then Downtown Disney singing along with the music that is always playing in the background, running into the parks at night just to watch the fireworks, and just having fun and being a little goofy wondering around the parks. My time at Disney as a kid and my time at Disney in the college program are two important parts of my life.

Favorite Disney Character:

I would have to say that I can’t choose one favorite Disney character. My favorites will always be Figment, Stitch, Meg from Hercules, and Sleeping Beauty (with honorable mentions going to Genie from Aladdin, Mulan, and Merida)

Favorite Disney Movies:

How on Earth can I pick ONE?!? Well, I can’t. I’d have to say that my favorite Disney movies would be Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, and Wall-E. Now for live action I love Mary Poppins, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Star Wars (depending on if you count them as Disney movies).

Favorite Park:

I’d have to say my favorite park is Epcot. I love hanging out in World Showcase and I love IllumiNations!

Favorite Attraction:

My favorite attractions are Journey into Imagination (love Figment!) at Epcot, The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios!

Favorite Resort:

One day I would love to say that I’ve stayed in every resort on property and my answers might change when I check more and more resorts off my list so ask me again and you might get a different answer. For right now, I’d have to say that my favorite resorts are Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge. Both have wonderful themes, amazing lobbies, great rooms, and beautiful views.

Favorite Restaurant:

Again, how can I pick just one?!? I don’t know if I can so I won’t try. For quick service I’d say Sunshine Seasons in Epcot, and Casey’s Corner or Pinocchio’s Village Haus in Magic Kingdom. I love the selection at Sunshine Seasons and I love the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s and the flatbreads at Pinocchio’s. Then for table service I love Sci-Fi Dine In Theater at Hollywood because I’m in love with the theme and the milkshakes. I’d also have to say Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge because of two things, bread service and butter chicken (YUM!). There’s also all the new and amazing selections at Disney Springs! Raglan Road will always be a favorite for their food and I love the live music but I also love Homecoming and Frontera Concina.

Favorite Snack:

So many options, so little time!! I think the classic snacks will always be a favorite of mine. I love getting a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, a Dole Whip, a pretzel in Germany, Egg Rolls in China, and you can’t go wrong with popcorn. I also love the Mickey fruit tart that I usually get a Boardwalk Bakery but I’m sure you can get it other places on property too! Oh and I can’t forget the Ice Cream Martini from L’Artisan des Glaces in France but then again is that a drink or a snack? Hmmm….


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