The Disney Nerds Podcast – Video #4: Video Contest (Where in Walt Disney World)

The Disney Nerds Podcast presents Video #4 “Where in Walt Disney World Video Contest”

Welcome to the first Disney Nerds Podcast “Video Contest”… Where in Walt Disney World? The contest is a series of 10 pictures each taken in and around WDW this holiday season. We are giving away a Thomas Kincaid puzzle four pack with beautiful outdoor landscapes from Pinocchio, Cinderella, Snow White and Peter Pan.


To qualify you need to do 3 things:
#1, Watch this video! (Easy).
#2, Subscribe to the Disneynerds Podcast Youtube Channel… That’s easier than you think! Click the subscribe button right.
#3, send an e-mail to Subject “Video Contest”. List the picture number and location of the photo.
So for example: #1 – Location, #2 Location… The person that gets the most will win the puzzle set… If there is a tie, we’ll pick a person at random…

Remember – Subscribe to the channel and send the email to – Don’t forget we need to get your e-mail before January 9th 2015 – Good luck!!! Happy Holidays from all of us at the Disney Nerds Podcast.

The Disney Nerds Podcast – Video #4: Video Contest – Where in Walt Disney World

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