Big changes coming to Fastpass+ and My Disney Experience

Great news coming out of Disney World this week. Disney is announcing big changes to the fast pass+ system. Starting April 10, 2016 the following upgrades will take place:

Disney Nerds FP+ MDE
Old quick pick selection
  • Guests will no longer be forced to make three fast pass selections for a park day. We can now make from 1 to 3 selections, thus making the quick pick selection process obsolete.
  • Attractions and time selections can now be made simultaneously. The system will no longer drop us into pre-selected time slots.
  • Fast pass selection can now be made for individual members of your party. Not everyone has to have the same fast pass selections.
  • It is no longer necessary to make changes or add fast passes at a kiosk in the parks. Any adjustments and additions to our fast passes can now be made online and on the My Disney Experience App. Disney Nerd Blog Fastpass Kiosk
  • And, most importantly, we can now add additional fast pass selections after our initial fast passes have expired. Well, that was something we could do before. But now we can continue to add fast passes through out the course of the day. We are no longer limited to one extra and we are no longer limited to one park. If we are hopping from park to park, we can use our My Disney App and add a fast pass for the next park on our itinerary. 

disney nerds blog fast passSounds like some great news to me. It looks like Disney is reverting back to the spirit of the old Fast Pass system with a technological upgrade.

Will this change our you plan your trip? I know it will for me. It seems like with this new upgrade those morning Fast Passes are going to run out really quickly so that people can use multiple Fast Passes later on in the day.


Thanks for reading and have a magical day!!!!


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