Book Review: Disney Tale of the Tape: Theme Park Boxing

I know many of us have gotten into healthy debates with friends and foes about what the best attraction, restaurant, resort and snack at Disney World, Disneyland or both. These types of debates are what Dan Sisneros brings to the forefront in his book Disney Tale of the Tape: Theme Park Boxing.

Dan spent his career as a professional boxing judge. Throughout his life he also developed a deep passion for all things Disney. In his new book, he combines his love for both boxing and Disney and brings us a one of a kind reading experience.

The book includes 14 bouts, each containing detailed contender descriptions, a select number of rounds, and, of course, the tale of the tape.  The rounds are judged by three select Disney experts. At the end of each match the referee announces the winner and loser or in some cases a draw.

Dan maintains the same formula throughout the book making it easy to read. What I found most entertaining is how he humanizes each of the contestants. Each contestant is described as they enter the ring much like in the old days of radio. I found myself reading these parts and hearing the voice of Howard Cosell in my head.DNB Winnie

“Winnie the Pooh comes down the aisle first, as the crowd erupts into cheers. He is a huge favorite with the fans as he smiles and waves to the crowd, walking ahead of his entourage: Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, and his trainer Owl. Even Mr. Toad is in the group carrying the spit bucket with the towel over his shoulder and giving support to the popular pugilist.”

While the character humanization is entertaining, it is the the judges that bring the extra magic to the book. Dan brought together a great group of people to assist him in decided the best of the best. With names like Len Testa, John “Panda” Saccheri, and our own Jimmy Horne how could you go wrong? Each adding their insight and candor to the attractions, restaurants, resorts and snacks and make you want to head to the park and share in the experience.

It is extremely tough to categorize this book. I wouldn’t call it a guidebook and I wouldn’t call it a fictional tale, but I would call it a book that all Disney lovers must read.

Take the time to check out Disney Tale of the Tape: Theme Park Boxing. It can be found in paperback and in Ereader form on Amazon.

You should also take the time to check out Dan Sisneros on The Disney Nerds Podcast. Show #176: Theme Park Boxing

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a magical day!!!


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