DisneyNature’s Born in China

Three reasons why Born in China is the perfect Earth Day film for your family

Disney Nature Born in China

A few nights ago I was able to catch a sneak preview of DisneyNature’s newest film, Born in China. I was pretty excited for this, as I have a deep love for Chinese and Asian cultures. (Which is why you will often find me spending hours alone, wandering aimlessly in EPCOT’s World Showcase China and Japan Pavilions, or lost somewhere in Animal Kingdom’s Asia section, but I digress…back to this movie!)

From the opening scene to the very end credits, this film had me riveted. From the gorgeous filmography, beautiful musical accompaniment, the great narration by John Kra to the storyline associated with each animal, I felt this was truly a DisneyNature masterpiece.

So why should you take your family this Earth Day to see Born in China?

3 Reasons Born in China is perfect for the whole family

  1. You can make a difference!Did you know DisneyNature and the Disney Conservation Fund together help conserve land and save endangered species throughout the world? If you see Born in China during its opening week, they will make a donation in your honor to the World Wildlife Fund to benefit wild pandas and snow leopards.
  2.  You can learn something new!How much do you know about pandas? Or Snow Leopards? How about Chiru? I didn’t even know what a Chiru was until I saw this movie!
  3. You can have an adventure, right in your own town!One of the main reasons this is the perfect Earth Day film is because of the animals. Yes, many of us are lucky and have seen pandas and even snow leopards in the zoo, but have you seen them out in their natural habitat? And if not, what is your chance of adventuring to the far reaches of China to see these rare species of animals? I know for me, as much as I want to visit China, the chance that I will actually see an endangered Snow Leopard in the wilds of that country are slim to none.


Want more? Be sure to download the Born in China Activity Pack to keep the learning fun going on in your family. It is the perfect accompaniment to the movie and to celebrate Earth Day weekend.

For even more, with a complete movie review as well as an Educator Guide, be sure to visit Charlotte’s blog at Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen.


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