The SpectacuLab Opens at Epcot Today!

Any true Disney Nerd remembers the glory days of Innoventions at Epcot. We all remember the interactive fun (and yes, learning!) and long for the days when Innoventions East and West are full again. So we are excited to announce that today was the grand opening of The SpectacuLab!!

The SpectacuLab is located across from Colortopia in Innoventions East (on the Mission: Space side of Future World) and it’s an amazing interactive experience! It will be an interactive lab run by real scientists.  Helping the scientists is an intern (the intern is a little goofy and fun which is great) who will conduct experiments and show off scientific principles that are inspired by the technology we use today!

The SpectacuLab is sponsored by Murata, they are a global leader in design, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic components. They have also partnered with Science from Scientists which is a nonprofit organization that works to promote and improve STEM literacy in schools. It seems like a great partnership to help bring science and technology back to Epcot and Innoventions.

There will be multiple shows a day where you can experience the wonderful world of science. Kids can be selected to come on stage to help the scientists conduct their experiments so be sure to check it out on your next trip. Just don’t tell them they are learning while on vacation!

The audience participation in the demonstrations with the on-hand scientists include:

  • Guests playing ultrasonic sensor drums, simply with the wave of their hand.
  • Changing the colors of barometric pressure cubes by only raising or lowering the cube.
  • Accelerometer sensors measuring the guest’s force when using a hammer.
  • Observing a scientist explain the principle of force by comfortably resting on a bed of nails.

Personally, I’m excited about The SpectacuLab and I hope this means there are more great experiences coming to bring Innoventions back to life!!

If you’re looking to plan your next Disney vacation be sure to contact the official travel agent of The Disney Nerds Podcast, Once Upon A Time Travel.

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