Star Wars Galactic Nights 2.0

Star Wars Galactic Nights is making its return next month, and today I got a sneak peak of the offerings that will be at the event. Ramit from marketing at Disney was nice enough to sit down and go over all that Star Wars Galactic Nights has to offer.

But wait there is more! Here are the specialty food items and merchandise for the event next month.

The event itself is on December 16th, 2017 and runs from 7 pm thru midnight. Tickets can be purchased right now on the WDW website for $129, $137.39 after taxes.    WDW SW Galactic Nights Tickets

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The Disney Nerds will be there covering the event. I hope to see you there.

Johnny Hollywood

Hey Everyone: I have enjoyed going to the Studios faithfully twice a week since 2011. My most memorable experience was camping out in front of the main gate for each of the four Star Wars Weekends in 2015!

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