Lightspeed to Crait!

The Last Jedi motion picture comes out next month in theaters, but we can visit the movie’s new planet Crait starting today on Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Tours attraction. craitI was very fortunate to have been selected to be one of the first passengers this morning to visit this breathtaking planet.  So let me take you aboard the Star Speeder 1000 and jump into light speed to visit Crait. This new planet looks breathtaking in the movie trailers and it won’t disappoint anyone riding Star Tours.

We initially see changes in the spaceport.  First Order stormtroopers, instead of the original trilogy stormtroopers, attempt to stop our Star Speeder in search of the rebel spy. As they are conducting their search, the Millennium Falcon takes off, with their new satellite dish. Rey, who is at the bottom of the Falcon instead of Han Solo,  guides our craft. First Order Tie Fighters attack as we calculate our jump to light speed.

I got to ride this attraction twice and both times we headed to Jakku first. No changes were made to Jakku in the scenario

At this point, the fun really begins. After achieving light speed, either Poe Dameron, Maz, or another resistance character urges us to continue the fight against the First Order. We hit lightspeed again as we head toward Crait. craitOur craft comes out of light speed looking at a peaceful waterfall with ice foxes drinking from the water. This peaceful setting doesn’t last long as we now fly over the mountain with yet again a trio of tie fighters just missing our craft.  We are finally in the actual battle of Crait as featured in the trailer. A massive fleet of AT-M6 walkers are in formation aiming our way when suddenly a formation of new resistance fighters arrive and escort us into battle. The new fighters fling red dirt onto the windshield causing Threepio to barely miss the leg of an AT-M6 as R2D2 cleans our view. General Hux gives us an unfriendly welcome and orders his troopers to execute us. In response, our craft swings back as Poe gives us the order to fire at the AT-M6.  R2 fires the cannons and we hit light speed one more time.

We don’t end up at the traditional rebellion fleet or a docking station on Naboo at the ride conclusion,. Instead, plan on parking your Speeder at the planet Batuu which is the brand new planet coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019. That scene alone will give any Disney Nerd chills with the hope that we are getting closer and closer to that magical year. Look closely and you will notice that planet looks exactly like the concept art on the construction wall of the opening of Star Wars Galaxy Edge.

My final thought on Crait is a positive one. It’s not too rough of a journey and the waterfall at the beginning is a really nice touch. You have a feeling of how peaceful Flight of Passage is over at the Animal Kingdom. Poe brings laughter to the attraction which fits right in with the two droids.

You will definitely enjoy your trip to Crait.

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If you excuse me, I have to get back in line to visit Crait and Batuu over and over again……..




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