Disney Nerds Getting Crafty: From Lampshade to Wall Decor

Greetings everyone and welcome to Disney Nerds Getting Crafty!

Have you ever found some Disney item and you like something about it but maybe wanted to repurpose it? Well, I have and I wanted to share with you a few steps I took when I got a little crafty and repurposed some great Disney finds.

I stumbled upon this blue Mickey lampshade at a local thrift store. I liked the print but I didn’t have a use for a lampshade. I decided to buy the lampshade and I would find some way to repurpose it into something I would use.

First thing I did was take the lampshade apart. What I liked about the lampshade was the print which was fabric on the lampshade. So I took it apart so I could have just the fabric to use. Taking apart the lamp shade was easier than I thought. I took the metal rings out by gently pulling apart the lampshade at the seam that ran down the side. Then I pulled the fabric away from the plastic it was attached to. I knew wanted to be careful when pulling the lampshade apart because there’s a thin layer of plastic which gave the lampshade its shape. When the plastic started coming off of the fabric some parts broke off into points. So just be aware of that if you plan on trying this with kids.

Once the lamp shade was pulled apart and I had the fabric on its own, I had to decide what to do with it. I decided to use the fabric in two different crafts.

First thing I did was to pull out an old picture frame that I had and decided to frame a part of the fabric in the frame. It’s a quick and simple trick and I now have another piece of wall décor. I can also take this one step further and use it as dry erase board. I just need to use a dry erase marker and write on the glass and the fabric in the frame is now a great background to a to-do list, a grocery list, or whatever I want to write on my new dry erase board.

The second thing I did was to take the rest of the fabric and a couple of round pieces of cork to make a decorative cork board. I cut the rest of the fabric to fit the round cork and hot glued (or you couple staple them) the fabric to the cork so the fabric completely covers the front. Once the glue was dry I displayed them on the wall and used my new cork boards to showcase my Disney pins! You can also use them just as another piece of wall décor or a place to post messages or important documents (maybe your kids’ latest work of art or yours!).

These are two of the many options you can choose if you do like what I did and repurpose some fabric (doesn’t have to be from a lampshade) and all it takes is a little creativity! I hope you keep that in mind next time you come across something you might like but can’t help but wonder if you can do something else with it by getting a little crafty!


Stay tuned for more Disney Nerds Getting Crafty segments!

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